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Why is better than

You all have heard about Coffee vs. Tea, Book vs. movie, and Rainy day vs. Sunny day. We all know these are all old yet trendy. 

But, this time we are coming with new and some unseen facts. Yes, it’s about 6DollarsEssay vs. 6DollarEssay. Oh, I know you are all spinning into confusing thoughts of what is the difference between 6DollarEssay and 6DollarsEssay. Well, nothing much it’s just ‘S’ which marks a difference (only in terms of name and maybe its pronunciation). 

These two are separate platforms that aim to offer online assignment help to students. Here comes another confusion. If it’s only ‘s’ which makes a difference then these are two separate websites? Well, this is a thing from where the real game begins. Well, initially all we can say is, is exceptionally leading from

 We know that you excited pulses want to know that exactly this difference of ‘s’ is making 6DollarsEssay more competitive in comparison to its twin site. Ok, if you are interested then let us tell you that why it’s best (for you). 


High-profile Experts vs. Inexperienced People 

In the company with the addition of ‘s’ (6DollarsEssay), you will be assisted with the high-profile experts. At this platform, each assistor is highly qualified with strong commands on writing. The team of experts is made with individuals who have pursued their careers in different disciplines and have years of experience in the educational sector. Whereas, in 6DollarEssay, the professionals of the company are ‘not-so-professional’. Not only this, but it has also found that people who likely to assist students, via using 6DollarEssay are mostly students and inexperienced people (BE CAREFUL). 


Affordable vs. EXTRA-Expensive 

Who likes spending heavily on something which is not even good in quality? But the irony is, 6DollarEssay charges heavily from students and then ends up running all the expectations and oh, grades too. On the same side, 6DollarsEssay offers cheap reliable essay writing services, which is another reason students have more demand for this platform. I mean who doesn’t want to enjoy more in less? (hmm, sounds like someone is more interested in helping students more than earning). 


Quality vs. Poor Quality 

Quality is what matters most. No matter whether you are purchasing something or taking any kind of service. This is the most important thing. But, we, unfortunately, have to say that 6DollarEssay usually fails to assist its customers (students) with qualitative work. Conversely, for 6DollarsEssay we found that since this platform has a team of experts and has individuals with high-profile thus when it comes to catering students, this company assures to meet the level of satisfaction, accurately. Like who thought that the simple difference of‘s’ could make a huge impact.

Prompt Delivery vs. Fake Promises 

Yet again, someone fails to fulfill their promise. When we did a survey, we found that students who took assistance from 6DollarEssay had to experience delays and due to this, some of them even crossed the deadline (this is the worst thing one could ever experience). In proportion to this, when we took the feedback of students who took assistance from 6DollarsEssay it was stated that the delivery of work was prompt (as promised) and issues were faced. 

We think that our job is done (no more clarifications needed). By the way, if any of you wants to take professional assistance in academic work then don’t forget to write ‘s’ while searching for